6 Oct 16

Yamaha MT-09 TRACER Review

If you are looking for a great bike at a reasonable price, then you have definitely come at the right place. MT-09 Tracer from Yamaha is known or is versatility in the market. The good news is that Yamaha has tweaked its fork settings and chassis both. The bike is also known for its excellent set of specifications, great ability, comfort and reasonably well range and all these at an attractive cost. Another reason for its popularity is it is great fun to ride while being a bike for multiple reasons.


Previously, there had been some criticisms about the soft forks of MT-09 but now it has been taken care of. Both its rear and front preload have been increased now to address the criticism. The damping rates have been also enhanced on the latest tracer from Yamaha. Consequently, the performance of its chassis has also got better.  You can now enjoy a plush and stable ride on Yamaha MT-09. It can be also seen that as compared to most of the other bikes, its steering is both lighter, as well as, lighter. This is true, even when you are riding this bike on the hilly, tough and rocky terrains. Yet, during the testing period, the brakes and the suspension always seemed to perform reasonably well.


Do not feel just because the bike has been priced reasonably, its designers have compromised with the built quality. The designers have painstakingly ensured that there are several modules while constituting of a host of finishes. You can adjust its screen manually by adjusting two knobs that can be tightened. If you are one of those, who loves adventures, then you will definitely appreciate its hand guards. In simple language, its makers can comfortably claim that MT-09 Tracer is a mean machine with a great finish and a set of useful specs. Some of its other practical features include a fuel tank with a larger capacity, center-stand and seat whose height can be easily adjusted by you as per your convenience.

Yamaha’s MT-09 Tracer is a bike with a difference. While there is no doubt that it sports a similar frame and engine like its previous versions, it can be called a purely new model with an aggressive styling.


Yamaha’s MT-09 Tracer appears to be a truly new model with impressive looks and a compact look. It boasts of a twelve-valve engine with liquid-cooled system whose exhaust systems and intake have undergone modifications. However the output of its 113 bhp has not been affected at all despite that.  There are 3 different riding modes offered by the bike’s injection system. The engine is superb in the sense that it is a perfect combination of adaptive delivery coupled by a happy and smooth feel, making the Tracer quick and entertaining.


As compared to its affordable pricing, the bike in its standard form is also a good vehicle to own as compared to its other sport-touring variants that are available in the market today. It is real fun to ride, fast and last, but not the least, a versatile bike.

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