25 Feb 16

Yamaha MT-03 review

The new Yamaha MT – 03 has been one of the most awaited bikes of the year. The British market has been teaming with anxiety over the new release of the bike that the Japanese motorbike giant had announced last year at an auto show. Yamaha has also done exceptionally well in the Grand Prix circuit and has been enjoying long-term success in the sports bike consumer section as well.

The MT family of Yamaha bikes have been hugely successful, especially considering the fact that it is one of the few handful of bikes that offers an excellent cross between a sports performance bike, and an open country road tourer. The bike is also perfectly suited to stick to the track and dish out some of the most impressive lap time.

The new small range bike

The bike will cater to the R2 license holders in the United Kingdom and will give some of the best performance in the sector, delivering the highest amount of torque power for the price and mileage. The MT – 03 has been modelled on the YFZ platform making for an impressive performance touring bike. The front fairings of the bike have been taken off and have been replaced with just the headlight making it an impressive looking vehicle.

The front styling was criticized initially over half a decade ago as it was claimed to be minimalistic and unimpressive. The design has picked up drastically and has led to an interesting surge in sales figures of the company, especially when it comes to the YFZ series. The MT series has proved its mettle in the United Kingdom markets and has gained a large amount of success which is why Yamaha have launched the new variant release of the MT – 03.

The styling and price

The MT – 03 is a chunky and muscular bike. However, it is an attractive vehicle with the right curves and contours in the right place. The bike’s body is based on a higher platform and is slightly taller than the YFZ series. It is also fitted with the best in electronic technology. The bike comes in with a full set of LED bright lights for the front headlight and the tail lamps as well. The fairings that were done away with left a challenging task for the designers, but they seem to have overcome the challenge magnificently. The Yamaha designers have always gone for a sharp and edgy design, which seems to be the case in the new MT – 03 as well.

The removal of the front fairing and typical headlights have also made the bike significantly lighter. The bike seems lighter and much easier to handle thanks to the nimble built and front portion of the bike. The MT – 03 is very competitively priced. It was a challenge for Yamaha to meet production cost and price it well, the 321cc MT – 03 comes in at 4,499 pounds which is 300 pounds cheaper than The YFZ R3

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