17 Mar 16

Wirral Egg Run 2016 Ends on a High Note

New Brighton’s Wirral Egg Run is an Easter tradition in the Wirral area. The recent edition of the Wirral Egg Run was held on 13th March, which was a Sunday. More than a thousand bikers from in and around North UK landed in New Brighton for the gala affair.

The original Wirral Egg Run was cancelled in 2013 by the organizers citing lack of finances. But the bikers who attended the event didn’t want to let it die. They reckoned the bikers were going to come anyway, so why not continue the tradition?

The Wirral Egg Run was almost on the verge of ending in 2013

A group of bikers organized themselves under the banner, ‘Merseyside Easter ride-out with friends of Claire House‘. So from the last two years, the bikers have organized the mega ride-out by themselves, without any corporate funding. The Wirral Egg Run is basically a charity event, with the proceeds of the event going to Claire House.

Last year, two more charities were hosted to collect donations at the Wirral Egg Run – Northwest Air Ambulance and Blood Bikes Northwest. The three charities collected close to £5000, with the chunk of the donations going to Claire House Children’s Hospice, followed by The Northwest Air Ambulance and Blood Bikes Northwest.

This year too, as in previous years, thousands of bikers converged on New Brighton for the annual ride-out which has become a mecca for bikers from the region. They even have bikers coming in from as far as London for the event, which is expected to retain its alpha status among bike ride-outs in the region for years to come.

The event also attracts hundreds of spectators who line the roads from the New Brighton promenade to Clatterbridge to see the curious procession of bikers, interspersed with the occasional modified bikes.

As usual, the ride-out began from the New Brighton Promenade and made its way through Wallasey, Hoylake, Thurstaton, Thorton Hall, culminating at Clatter bridge (Claremount farm), a distance of 11 miles. The route is very scenic and a treat for bikers who come to attend the event.

At Clatterbridge, donations were solicited for the charities and the bikers contributed according to their ability. Some of the bikers later delivered Easter eggs to the children at Clatterbridge hospitals and Arrowe Park. The Claremount Farm shop also received eggs for underprivileged kids across Merseyside.

The event ended on a high note

Claire House representatives said, they couldn’t have asked for a better Easter surprise. The weather was wonderful and the charities collected quite a bit of money. They also said that this event keeps improving each year, as more and more bikers turn out.

Noel Dean, one of the riders who helped organize the event, said the atmosphere at the 2016 Wirral Egg Run was beautiful, with thousands of riders, some in costume and some with customized vehicles, adding to the excitement. If you are a biker in the area, consider going to the event next year with your pals.

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