8 Mar 16

Triumph to Add a New Bike to the Bonneville Range

Triumph motorcycles have always been one of the most popular names in motorcycle history. After a brief slump in the market a few decades ago, the company stuck to, and retained its main selling point of being an avid classic and motorbike enthusiast’s brand. The motorcycle company seems to have stood the test of time as a modern motorcycle classic design-based company. After its comeback, it has done wonders and has positioned itself as a respectable brand in the commercial and niche enthusiast market as well.

The new Triumph Bonneville

Triumph has recently been spy testing a new model of its stable of bikes that has been evident on the roads in the UK. The new bike that was spotted for testing was not a one-off occurrence. The previous year’s Bonneville model was also spotted in similar conditions on the streets at around the same time last year. The new bike in the Bonneville stable seems to be in a much more complete phase than what was noticed of its previous model last year. There has been additional mud flaps fitted to the new model that has been set to be released later this year, as sources say.

The new Triumph will be debuting in its first official launch in either the Cologne or Milan show later this year. However, sources state that the vehicle will not go up for sale until early next year. The new bike is a classic bobber bike, and lives up to its name as a modern classic. With the trend of modern classic bikes making a comeback, Triumph is poised perfectly for the market and can take the best advantage of it.

The specs and looks

The Bonneville segment of Triumph vehicles has had a lot of research and development for all its models. The Bonneville segment already has a 900cc Street Twin model and the 1200cc Thruxton model. The specifications of the new model however, are a little uncertain. Many believe that the new bike could be a gap bridging adventure bike which many other companies seem to be doing in the UK market these days. There are still various bike variants that the company chooses to remain ambiguous about. The American Speedmaster is one of the bikes that has been kept under lock and key. There are other bikes that Triumph seems to be taking back to the drawing board as it does not seem to be meeting Euro4 standard emissions tests.

The look of the new bike is peculiar and gives a lot of clues as to what and how the new bike will ride. The silencers seem to follow the standard Bonneville slash cut pipes while the front wheel possesses only a single disk instead of a double. The bike also has a relatively naked look in comparison to its predecessors. With the anomaly of a single front disc, many experts state that it could be a less powerful engine as well.

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