13 Jul 16

Triumph Bonneville T120- Designed to Perfection

For nearly half a century, Triumph has maintained its record as being a producer of the most stylish and timeless bikes. Be it in the 60s or 2016, owning a Triumph has always been a matter of great pride and honor. Triumph yet again amazes bikers with its new addition to the Bonneville series, the T120. A Triumph needs no reviewing- it speaks for itself! Nevertheless, we are going to examine the awesomeness of this bike in terms of its engine, its performance and looks.


The T120 has a new ‘high torque’ of 1200cc and an 8 valve parallel twin engine. The engine offers an incredibly amazing power delivery- a whopping 105nm at as low as just 3100rpm! This is almost 50% more than its predecessor, the T100. The 1200 Bonneville engine has a 6 speed transmission and the 270° firing interval ensures extremely smooth power delivery. The engine boasts of a pin-point accuracy and an instant throttle response. With such an engine, you can imagine the kind of power you will be wielding under you! That is going to make one powerful ride – much reflective of all that Triumph has always stood for.


The T120 gives the rider an excellent control over the bike. The weight of the bike is well spread and balanced so that it is easier to handle. The Torque spread is so smooth and efficient that you can do anything you want with minimum change of gears! You can take quick turns round corners, and speed away immediately. The torque spread gives you great control over your speed so that shifting of the gears is no more such an issue. Excellent suspensions give a jump-free ride and makes riding on rough patches considerably easier. This implies that riding this monster is going to be a pleasure with or without the speed – either way!


The T120 looks stunning. Triumph has completely retained the retro look in the Bonneville T120 and it is simply an eye-catcher. Every part of the beast looks chiseled, carved and solid which really gives it a dominating presence. The parts are very mysteriously and snugly camouflaged under dark shades of brown and black which again accentuates its powerful appearance. On the whole, this bike gives you the feeling of owning a classical masterpiece. The manner in which the engineers have blended the features of its predecessor, the T100 with modern designs is simply commendable. The attention to detail given on its features tells of how much care and effort has gone into producing it.

In conclusion, the T120 is both, a bike that you would want to own for its aesthetic value and classical retro appeal, as well as for its powerful riding experience – a combination very few other bikes can offer you. This bike is best for a smooth, unhurried riding experience. With its classical 60s look and mysterious hues, this bike is definitely going to be a show stopper.

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