18 Oct 16

The 2016 R Nine T Scrambler from BMW review

The 2016 BMW R Nine T Scrambler is an honest, minimalistic bike. It is a bike that you can tag as ‘unconventional’ since it goes against established traditional standards. The R Nine T Scrambler has a character of its own. It is a bike that can make you experience true freedom. It is a bike that you can make a statement with.

The R Nine T Scrambler has a unique sound of its own, and it is sure to grab attention. It is a stunning lightweight version of the GS. The Scrambler offers a very comfortable ride, thanks to the comfortable seat and the handlebars that are positioned higher. The seat looks hand-made from a distance. The embossed horizontal lines give the seat a very attractive look. The authentic design screams top level workmanship. The R Nine T Scrambler’s seat is a visual delight. BMW’s R Nine T Scrambler is a quality bike that is reliable, and safe.


The R Nine T Scrambler is fitted with a 4-stroke 1170cc air-cooled boxer twin engine. The frame type is tubular steel. The bike has a fuel capacity of 17 litres. The tank is made from steel. The bike weighs 220 kg, and has a seat height of 820 mm. The 19-inch front wheel of the bike is absolutely stunning; it can indeed be characterized as a fashion accessory of the bike. It is very much road orientated as well, it provides a very satisfactory front end feel. The front tire size is 120/70 R19, and the rear tyre size is 170/60 R17. The front suspension is a 41mm conventional with forks that are non-adjustable. The rear suspension is a Monoshock with rebound damping and spring preload that’s adjustable. The front brake of the Scrambler is a 2x320mm, ABS, 4-piston conventional Brembo calipers. The rear brake is a 265mm disc, ABS, 2 pistons. The exhaust system is positioned higher. They are also fitted with little heat shields, which add to the overall look of the bike. The R Nine T Scrambler has an analogue tachometer, GS foot pegs, and fork gaiters.


The BMW R Nine T Scrambler has a maximum speed of 130 mph. The engine generates a maximum power of 110 bhp, and a maximum torque of 85.6 ft-lb. The average fuel consumption is 45 mpg. The scrambler handles pretty well. It is a bike that you can safely ride in the city, as well as on the highway. In terms of reliability, it is BMW, and the Scrambler is no exception. The vibrations and the barrage of noise produced by the engine add to the character of the bike.

The BMW R Nine T Scrambler is priced at £10,530. For the UK customers, there is a Scrambler X available, which retails at £11,090. Only ABS comes as standard equipment for the Scrambler. However, through the parts and accessories catalogue, you may add a rev counter, heated grips, traction control, and spoke wheels.

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