28 Oct 16

Review of Yamaha Tracer 700

The Yamaha Tracer 700 is a sturdy bike in the tourer segment and can truly be called the big

brother of its predecessor-the Tracer MT-07. It was initially launched as MT-09 but decided to rename it as Tracer 700 owing to the bikes new looks and features. Compared to the previous versions of Tracer, the latest model has better fairings, higher seat and more serious looks. The revised chassis provides stability and adds comfort to the rideability factor. In terms of performance too, the tourer works like a charm. It is one of the best low-cost (unless the accessories are considered) sports tourers available in the market. The Tracer 700 is priced at £6299 and comes in a red and black variant.


The engine of the Tracer 700 is fitted with a 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC coupled with 4 valves. The chassis is diamond shaped and gives way to a larger fuel tank of 17.0 l than the previous models. The fairings and the overall height of the bike (1270 mm) makes it stand out in the crowd. The 196 Kg tourer has a seat height of 835 mm and offers a more upright position than other bikes. Despite the higher seat, the fairings ensure a smooth and relaxing ride.

The footpegs remain unchanged but the handlebars have been raised to match the seat height. Compared to the ‘naked’ look of the MT-07, the Tracer 700 is fitted with a windscreen that is easily detachable. Clearly Yamaha has taken weather protection quite seriously. The front suspension system is fitted with telescopic forks while the rear suspension is swingarm. This provides extra comfort during riding due to the longer wheelbase. The 130 mm and 142 mm of travel in the front and rear respectively ensures an effortless uphill or downhill ride. The front and rear brakes both consist of hydraulic discs. Both tyres are tubeless and the rear tyre (180) is broader than the front tyre (120) as is common in sports bikes. It also provides a good ground clearance of 140 mm.


The Tracer 700 comes with the familiar look of Yamaha. One of the best-selling 125cc bikes last year, the Tracer 700 still manages to capture attention with its smooth ride and performance. The bike provides a mileage of 4.3 l/100km and claims to cover an amazing distance of 230 miles. With the maximum power and maximum torque recorded at 55.0 kW and 68.0 Nm respectively, the Tracer 700 has managed to fulfill the ambitions of sports bike enthusiasts. The increased seat height and the design of the Tracer 700 offers a smooth ride at higher speeds. The hand guards and leg protection add to the aerodynamics of the bike and ensures a safe ride. The Tracer 700, despite being heavier than the MT-07, is very manageable at low speeds and promises an exciting and satisfactory ride. Overall the Yamaha Tracer 700 promises to live up to the expectations of a buyer looking for a decent tourer bike.

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