18 May 16

Review of the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro

The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro looks like a cross between a shark and a dirt bike. Did you know this bike is made up of 890 parts? You may wonder what was Ducati trying to create- a bike or a spaceship!

Jokes apart, the 1200 Enduro has been called an ‘adventure bike’ but it seems more than that. The sport sized tires and stiff suspension confirms it. In fact, we don’t think Ducati had ‘dirt riding’ in mind when it designed this bike. The bike is too big for that. Second, it is too heavy, weighing in at 560 pounds. Third, it is far too powerful and makes a lot of noise.

The Enduro 1200 looks like a ‘revamped’ Multistrada

The Enduro 1200 is not a new bike; there is also a regular Multistrada 1200 S. In fact, the Enduro 1200 has the same 1198cc, 160bhp Testastretta engine that is on the 1200 S. The bike also has the same torque, power, engine mapping, and Desmodromic Variable Mapping as the 1200 S. So, in many ways, the Enduro 1200 is just an upgrade to the Multistrada. But what an upgrade it is.

There are four rides modes on the Enduro 1200- Wheelie, Traction Control, Skyhook Suspension, and Cornering ABS. Ducati has also included its new Vehicle Hold Control on the Enduro 1200. This feature is a great help when you are riding up on hills.

Option to choose four ‘riding packs’ specially designed for the Enduro 1200

You can also choose from four ‘packs’ or ensemble of parts. The packs are Sport, Urban, Enduro, and Touring. If you opt for the Enduro pack, you can get knobby tires on the bike. Ducati has partnered with Pirelli for this, which has made available its Scorpion Rally tires for the bike.

There are some minor changes to the bodywork too. The side panels are made of aluminum to help the Enduro withstand shocks and scraps better. Ducati has also upped the size of the tank to 7.9 gallons for longer riding pleasure.

Ergonomics better on Enduro 1200 than on the Multistrada

Ducati has completely reworked the ergonomics on the bike. The handle bars are a bit taller- 50 mm taller than on the 1200 S. The seat has been reshaped. The company has also increased the size of the seat to 34.25 inches though there is a 33.5 inch option as well. The levers and pegs are now made from better cast steel.

The bike retails for £16,690 in the UK. And this is for the Red version. There are two other colors- white and gray but you will have to shell up $200 more for these colors. If you want one of the packs, be prepared to pay at least $2000 extra.

Observers have said, the adventure bike segment where the Enduro 1200 belongs, is just a fad. But we don’t think so. We think bike makers are giving us exactly what we want. For long, bikers have felt a need for bikes suitable to the adventure riding niche.

Final thoughts on the Enduro 1200

Finally, we don’t think there is anything wrong with having a bike like the Enduro 1200. But we also realize that 99% of mechanics won’t be able to repair this bike (you may have to take it to a Ducati showroom to get it serviced) thanks to the large number of parts. So if the bike gives up on you somewhere in the countryside, you are going to be in a spot of trouble. Our final take? The Enduro 1200 is a good buy, if you don’t mind the steep price tag.

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