31 Mar 17

A Look At The Triumph Street Scrambler

Dirt racing and hooliganism, is what scrambler riders were thought of in the ‘60s. However, the scrambler has come a long way since then and the manufacturers have ensured that along with the bike, the attitude of the riders change too. The scrambler is still a mean dirt racing machine but one that has improved in style and elegance. Specialized models have now made it possible for riders and bike enthusiasts to show off their scrambler on the road.

The new street scrambler by Triumph is based on the more successful street twin. Last year, the street twin saw the biggest sale amongst modern classic bikes.


The street scrambler has the street twin’s 900cc, liquid cooled, parallel twin engine which produces a distinct scrambler tune when fired up. It also has the same 3.2-gallon fuel tank, LED tail light and brakes. So, does that make the street scrambler the twin’s brother? The answer is no, it does not. The scrambler is a completely different machine, thanks to its unique throttle mapping and tune. The bike is snappier, more playful and more fun than the street twin. The manufacturers claim that their new bike produces more torque on road than the other bikes. However, real test rides have proven that the torque is almost the same at a maximum of 6,000 rpm.

The scrambler is fitted with an all new chassis which has been designed for off-road stability. In the previous bikes, the seat height had been at 32.5 inches. In the new scrambler, the seat height is at 31.2 inches. The rake has been more sharpened and rider footpegs have been moved forward. The rear shock, at 4.7 inches, offers more travel. The wheelbase is 56.9 inches. Overall, the bike is compact and allows great comfort. Riders won’t have any problem handling the bike on any kind of surface. At high speeds, the bike remains steady and does not wobble.

Other changes in the bike include the passenger seat which is removable and the single-dial display in front which provides lots of information.

Despite having a gallon less, the bike manages to reach an average of 40.8 mpg. Therefore, the 4.2-gallon fuel tank can easily touch 171 miles when it is full.

Ride ability

The street scrambler rides exceptionally well on different terrains like highways, dirt road and city roads. The front wheel may be an unimpressive 19-inch, but that does not stop the bike from delivering amazing control. Turning is smooth on the bike and it’s easy to flick through corners. The wide handlebar ensures that turning is smooth and easy. The throttle is snappy and fun.


The scrambler is currently prices at $10,700 for the jet-black variant. It is also available in matte khaki green and korosi red and frozen silver. Overall, the bike is great for its price and appropriate for buyers who are looking for a strong bike with dirt-bike looks. The Triumph street scrambler is sure to turn heads in the next few months.

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