14 Mar 16

London Motorcycle Show: Every Motorcyclist’s Dream

The curtains are down on the London Motorcycle Show 2015 and what a show it was! The event, spread over three days (12th to 14th February) witnessed thousands of motorcyclists and celebrities throng the Excel Center in the Docklands. Tickets were priced at £17 for adults, £15 for children and seniors. One child per adult entered free. Adults had to pay £10 for the next child.

16 major bike manufacturers showcased their bikes at the event. From Kawasaki to Ducati, all popular bike manufacturers were in attendance, all of them bringing their latest bikes to the event. British motorcycle maker Triumph even brought its new Tiger Sport 1050 for a world debut, at the event.

In a treat for bike lovers, 8 super bikes that won at the British Superbike Championship in the last 20 years were displayed at the entrance.

Meet the legends

The bikes were joined by biking legends, Chris Walker, Tommy Hill, Neil Hodgson, Niall Mackenzie, John Reynolds and Tommy Hill. The heroes entertained the audience, throughout the weekend, at the Michelin sponsored, Thrills ‘n’ Spills live action ‘slide’ show.

Another attraction was the Joey Dunlop tribute, featuring many of the racing legends prize winning bikes, trophies and other racing memorabilia. Most of these were brought to the public gaze for the first time, hitherto restricted to the legend’s family.

There was also a motorcycle auction at the event, with over 100 collector’s items bikes being snapped up quickly, including one that went for a whopping £176,000 (Moto Guzzi 500GP V8 Evocation). The auction was conducted by COYS.

Triumph’s latest offering

Legendary British motorcycle maker Triumph unveiled its latest bike, the Tiger Sport 1050. The Tiger Sport 1050 features a 1050 cc, three cylinder engine. Earnie Vigils, Triumph stuntman, performed tricks with the bike in front of the exhibition center. Later, Carl Fogarty, four time Superbike champion, entertained the crowd by riding the bike at the live action arena.

The Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 contains over 100 changes over the last model in the Triple Speed series. It also has ABS support, cruise control, traction control, grippier foot pegs, redesigned mirrors and tinted screens.

The third London Custom Bike Championship was also held at the event. 10 custom made bikes from around Europe participated battled for a purse of £12,000. Finally, the winner was crowned on Sunday, 14th February.

People who had come to the event with the hopes of snagging discounts were not disappointed either. The best brands in biking accessories had set up a shop at the event. Many visitors reported that they had snagged bargains on accessories like clothing and riding kits.

Among current bike racing champs, the audience met Michael Dunlop, Glen Irwin, Peter Hickman, Christian Iddon, Ian Hutchinson and Shane Byrne. They met their fans, signed autographs and spoke about their plans for the 2016 racing season. All in all, the event was a massive success, with many fans wishing that such events should be held more frequently. Bike lovers from all over London were in attendance.

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