5 Apr 16

Indian Motorcycles Launches New Bike Named After Companies Birthplace

Indian Springfield- that’s the new bike Indian Motorcycles launched recently. The Indian Springfield is named after the company’s birthplace in Springfield, Massachusetts. This sleek and shiny bike is the latest variant in the company’s iconic Chieftain range.

With the Indian Springfield, the company wants to target the large cruiser (also called baggers) market. Observers have said the Indian Springfield is a tribute to its company’s history and iconic models like the Scout, Classic Chief and Roadmaster. The new bike can be placed somewhere between them.

The Indian Springfield is almost an upgrade to the older models

The Indian Springfield shares its 1811cc engine with the Roadmaster, Chief Dark Horse, Chief Vintage, Chief Classic and Chieftain. Without a doubt, the bike is made for touring. But then, it is also more versatile than the average cruiser.

For example, the windshield, passenger seat and saddlebags are removable. You can quickly take them off or reinstall them by yourself, as need arises. No tools and no mechanic required.

That said, the Indian Springfield resembles the company’s older models in more than one way. The major difference is the option to convert the bike from a cruiser to a bagger. Another plus point is the light steering. The bike performs admirably at high speeds and handles corners excellently.

Standard features on the mean machine include leather seats, passenger floorboard, ABS, electronic cruise control, tire pressure monitor, front/rear highway bars and dual driving lights.

Indian Springfield has the chassis of the Chief Classic

The Springfield may be built on the chassis of the Chief Classic but there are some changes from its predecessor. The company has replaced the cartridge forks and rear shocks on the new bike, giving the Indian Springfield a travel of 4.5 inches, compared to 3.7 inches travel time on the Classic Chief. That should take care of some more bumps on the road.

The Springfield comes in two colors- Thunder Black and the Classic Indian Red. The bike will sell in the UK from April end, retailing for £19,599. We say this is a good price for a premium cruiser bike like the Indian Springfield considering the extra money you would have to pay for a BMW bike with the same features. According to us, the closest competitor to the Indian Springfield would be the Harley Davidson Road King.

The company has also announced a special Jack Daniels version of the bike (to commemorate Jack Daniel’s 150th anniversary) but only 150 of those bikes are available for grabs. All in all, the Indian Springfield is well designed and nicely engineered and it is a good buy for what the company is asking.

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