20 Nov 17

Honda NC750X

The Honda NC750X is one of Honda company’s most popular rides. The bike can be described as a gentleman’s bike built primarily for commuting and not for speed. The engine is reputedly taken from the company’s car manufacturing unit and tweaked to motorcycle fit. The updated version of previous models, the NC750X has a sharper styling and revised suspension. Body work has a resemblance to other adventure models sold by the company.

Lineage from an older and good bike

The predecessor of the Honda NC750X is the Honda NC700X. The latter quickly gathered a fan following due to its legendary reliability. Critics, however, were not in short numbers for this bike model. Among a few negative traits directed towards the older model was that the model was dull- the reason being the too common commuter needs.

The Honda NC750X pulls robustly from the low revs and stays smooth. It can be easily ridden. The tall seat of the bike does not help shorter riders when they need to manoeuvre. When at speed, the bike has a relaxed feel. The higher screen benefits the rider the most. One problem though: the taller screen results in a somewhat noisy turbulence.

Manual means more control

The storage area in the Honda NC750X can hold full face helmet in-lieu of petrol tank. The seat lies on top of the fuel storage volume. The low rev engine is similar to the earlier models. The maximum generated is 54bhp at only 6,250rpm. Two additional settings are enjoyed by optional dual-clutch gearbox if used as automatic. The bike can be ridden in manual mode as well.

The best change to dual clutch box is extra sporty setting which permits the bike engine to rev higher prior to the software selecting next gear. This results in a lively ride even though it changes up prior to 7,000rpm. This can be a little frustrating if the rider wants to have fun. More control could be had if the bike is switched to manual mode. This can be achieved without altering the rev limit of the bike. The conservative character can also be maintained.

Comfortable ride

The Honda NC750X at 220 kilograms is a heavy steed. The weight, however, is carried low, thus assisting in stability. A comfortable ride is ensured via the new suspension. Even though, the motorcycle is adequately taut to be ridden with pleasure on any twisty road. Bike seats are comfortable for two people-the rider and the pillion. The latter gets a dependable grab rail. The impressive fuel efficiency of the engine permits the majority of riders to clock an average of 70mpg to 80mpg. This allows a 200 mile or more range.

The Honda NC750X may never win any accolades for being exciting. This latest iteration is a little more involving while retaining the sensible virtues underpinning the success of this specific model. This bike will undoubtedly continue to be one the most popular bikes in Europe. Since it is more popular, it will attract more criticism as well.

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