24 Mar 17

Ducati Super Sport S Review

Everyone who was on the lookout for an everyday sports bike with maximum performance will be satiated with the release of Super Sport S, a super improved Super Sport. S version is complete with the ultimate performance kit with fully adjustable Ohlins mono shock and Ohlins TiN-treated forks. There is also an integrated gas cartridge, which is again adjustable. Clutch is now electronic system enabled making the ride pleasurable regardless of whether you are coursing down a windy road or squeezing through peak hour traffic.


Although, the nomenclature seems like deja-vu, the Super Sport S is a step ahead from the last model or the one before that. Concept of the bike remains unchanged from the predecessors, but on the hindsight, Ducati has come a long way from single seat, air cooled engines to an electronic counterpart which is completely adjustable. Engine in the 2017 Super Sport S is liquid cooled Hyper 939, 937cc with an estimated power of 113hp.

Looking at the bike from the front, the steel-trellis frame resembles the Monster 1200. Along the sides, there is a visible change with the inclusion of a single-sided swing arm made of cast aluminium. Fresh body work on this beauty is designed in a way to fit a Panigale shape.

Dash now is two coloured with a new inboard switch gear towards the left grip and a two way quick shifter. Wind-shield is adjustable and can be moved to a height 2 inches higher or lower. For those who wish to customize the bike, slightly, there is a choice to paint the seat cowl white. Inclusions in this new model are subtle but of high performance grade. Engine is now Euro 4 compliant and is therefore more fuel efficient. Transmission remains standard 6 speed with Ducati downshift (DQS). Primary drive is straight cut gears with a ratio of 1.84:1. A wet multiple clutch is mechanically operated but switches to self-servo action on drive.

Safety in the Ducati is as good as it can get. The company’s motto is to design bikes centred on rider safety. Rider is offered the highest level of control through inclusions like DSP (Ducati Safety Pack) which contains the features of Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and Bosch ABS braking system.

Super sport S is available in two colour option: Star White Silk and dual tone Ducati Red.


Super Sport S stands true to its name with the power of a 937cm3 liquid cooled, twin cylinder engine. Each cylinder is split into 4 valves and a secondary cooling system regulates internal temperature of the Trestastretta 110. Coming to the ride impression, the bike handles exceptionally well even on stock tires. Brembo 4.32 callipers hold down on the 320mm rotors to deliver a power output which seems greater that 100hp. Efficient braking is quick enough to stop the 150mph two-wheeled flying contraception into a second gear hairpin. There are not one but eight levels of traction control. Need there be more said on the bike’s performance?

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