6 Oct 17

Ducati 1299 Superleggera Review

For long, Ducati has served as a soul stimulator for bikers across the globe. Raising the pulses with its specs and hum, Ducati is now making a roar through model 1299 Superleggera. It is a limited-edition beast that cannot be tamed by ordinary; equipped with 1285cc 8v L-twin engine, with the supremacy of 215 horsepower.

On the lines of appearance, 1299 Superleggera is a reflection of Panigale R—launched in 2013 by Ducati. However, with 1299 Superleggera, Ducati has centered its focus on the metrics of low density and higher power. The mission statement led Ducati to alter the compression ratio to 13.0:1 (It was 12.6:1 earlier) and also to rethink the piston crowns. 1299 Superleggera is also embellished with unique valves, camshafts, and cylinder with modelled exhaust ports.

A touch of feather

1299 Superleggera wears a carbon fibre frame, which makes it easy for the riders to maintain control during acceleration. Titanium con rods, a Tungsten-balanced crankshaft together with a lighter flywheel further complements the anatomy and power-to-weight ratio.

Each part drops a considerable number of pounds from the bike. The frame saves 3.7 lbs, and the swingarm, laminated with 7075 aluminium, trims extra 2 lbs. Carbon fibre 17-inch wheels further reduce 3.1 lbs, and Ohlins suspension 4.1 lbs. These snippets enable low rolling resistance and seamless experience for riders. With an empty tank, Superleggera weights 343 lbs, and with its 17 L tank full to the brim, the bike touches 392 lbs.

Convergence of engineering and technology

Just like the various body parts, the 116 x 60.8 mm bore and stroke engine of Superleggera is also given a radical makeover. Low weight titanium valves and fasteners are used along with aluminium cylinder liners and titanium connecting rods. The aerodynamic titanium valves carry trumpets of different lengths to suit throttle of each cylinder. The systematic arrangements surge peak power by 5 BHP and compute 12 percent more power and torque at 6500 RPM.

The geometry of engine is carefully designed by the experts; to keep the dynamics of Superleggera in tandem with its fierce power. In the occasions of rapid acceleration, the body remains immune to turbulence and shakes, and thrives as RPM is increased. Even if the rider swings Superleggera for wheelies, no power is dissipated in the form of heat, making the bike efficient and effective. It is due to the installed water jackets, radiators, and Desmodromic valves, which has become Ducati’s tradition and identity over the years.

The wheels are stapled with braking systems, which consists of Brembo Monoblock M50 calipers, and 330 mm and 245 mm discs at front and back. Both ends benefit from Ducati’s ABS features as Brembo MCS 19.21 pump delivers the power to the front binders.

A rare experience

1299 Superleggera is a rare breed of beasts. Only 500 are manufactured for the fanatics, at a price tag of £72,000. The enthusiasts also get a track kit, which includes kickstand removal kit, racing screen, mirror plugs, paddock stands, license plate removal kit and bike cover.

1299 Superleggera is a symbol of prestige for Ducati and pride for hundreds of riders. Sports bike cannot get more exhilarating than this.

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