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5 May 17

Ducati Monster 1200 S Review

The Italian motorcycle industry has been the forerunner in the field of creating cutting-edge motorcycles. Their concepts have inspired countless motorcycle designers, both in Japan and in Europe. From the addition of disc brakes to the innovative use of fuel injection, the Italian motorcycle industry has given us marvels time and time again. Spearheaded by … Continue reading Ducati Monster 1200 S Review

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24 Mar 17

Ducati Super Sport S Review

Everyone who was on the lookout for an everyday sports bike with maximum performance will be satiated with the release of Super Sport S, a super improved Super Sport. S version is complete with the ultimate performance kit with fully adjustable Ohlins mono shock and Ohlins TiN-treated forks. There is also an integrated gas cartridge, … Continue reading Ducati Super Sport S Review

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20 Jan 17

Ducati Diavel Review

Nothing less than a masterpiece can be expected from the collaboration of Ducati and the premier lifestyle brand Diesel. Presenting the Ducati Diavel, a magical machine designed by Andrea Rosso, the creative director of Diesel License. The collaborators confess to drawing inspiration from the post-apocalyptic hyperkinetic dynamism to present a retro-futuristic two-wheeled handsome speed machine. … Continue reading Ducati Diavel Review

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