10 Oct 17

Aprilia Tuono V4 1100

The Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 is easily one of the most attractive naked bikes ever. It belongs to the same genetic engineering strand as the acclaimed Aprilia RSV4. The sole difference was raised bars and reduced fairing. Incidentally, ‘Tuono’ means clap of thunder.

High Tech Displays

To a casual observer, there is not much new from this Aprilia model. The only design exception was the big 2.5 kilogram exhaust thanks to Euro-4. A quick glance below the fairing uncovers a lot of modern technology. All these enable a better quality ride. Performance is much more enhanced. The bike also becomes much more safer.

The motorcycle’s futuristic vibe is imparted by the full colour TFT Bluetooth enabled dash. This perfectly blends in with brand new switchgear across bars. The anti-wheelie controls, pit-lane speed limiter, ABS configurations, and traction control have been changed. Multiple switches and buttons have made them accessible. The launch control and the pit-lane speed limiter are much easily operated and also closer to the natural hand position compared to the indicators.

Forks And Cruise Control

It can be tricky to use the bike’s cruise control function. What stands out is the newly introduced electronic autoblipper and quickshifter for the clutchless gear changes. The change is smart, effortless, and crisp. The engine sound is an exciting one and the pace increase brings out the thrill. The screen generates a computer like whir when the rider switches on the ignition. The stylish graphics provides a taste of how smart the motorcycle is. The menu can be scrolled down. It is possible to know the highest previously recorded speed.

The forks are 43mm and are fully adjustable. Both forks and shock absorbers are of Ohlins make. They impart a refined but stiff ride which makes the bike comfortable on both the track and the road. Bumps are easily tackled.  The riding stance is much sportier compared to its rivals like MT-10-SP of Yamaha, and 1290 Super Duke R of KTM. The bars are of further reach. The position of the footpeg position is a little higher. The Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 can be easily ridden for about 150 miles. The fuel tank has the capacity of 18.5 litres.

Engine Modes

There are three engine modes: Sport, Race, and Track. The Sport mode is savagely good. The bike comes alive at 175bhp at 11,000rpm. The 1077cc V4 engine shows its true character. Roll is towards th mid-range. At 6,000rpm, the bike is almost violent and the rider has to grip the handlebar to keep the hold.

The Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 performs excellently on the racing track. Throttle response was extremely aggressive in Race mode. The bike simply cuts like butter through the gear revolutions. The tiny screen showed all the vitals with aplomb.  Torque in the mid-range is excellent both to hear and to feel. Gearing is excellent both for the road and on the track. The Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 reaches 165mph at the big straight end. At 8,000rpm, the engine urges the rider to push harder.

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