20 Sep 16

All You Need To Know About The Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S

The Harley-Davidson brand requires no introduction. There is no competition faced by them when it comes to creating the most powerful, yet elegant hunks. The Softail range includes the Fat Boy, which is a recurrent best-seller. What Harley-Davidson have done with this new 2016 Softail edition is that they have attempted to omit anything unnecessary from the previous versions, which had been growing in weight and width for many years now. This of course implies that cost-minimization is on the mind of the manufacturer, which has been known to be detrimental in the case of numerous brands and models.

Engine and performance

This monster features an air-cooled Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 103B engine, the first Harley in regular production to have it, which achieves a claimed displacement of 1801 cc. It has four four-inch pistons and generates 97.3 ft-lb of torque at 3500 rpm during its peak. This variant has a dry weight of 333kg and despite of its heavy build, this machine achieves 0-60 mph in a matter of just 4.95 seconds, which is comparable to the best of sports bikes in the lower displacement class. The transmission is 6-speed and shifts without slipping or encountering any other problems. It does have a slightly tense clutch, but the reaction of the throttle is fast and propels the bike with efficiency. The model comes with ABS. The front break is stronger than the rear, containing four pistons and thus exceeding the rear by two. The suspension is well balanced and the strings are quick to revive. In this case too however, the rear suspension is worse off than the front, seeming tenser while on the road.

The seat is at 25.6 inches above the ground and the experience of sitting on one is very unique and thrilling. It features an electric starting system, the handlebars are stretched wide as well as pulled back and one’s feet rest on running boards with plenty of space to stretch them out. This makes for a perfect cruising vehicle capable of pulling from incredibly low revs and comes with cruiser control to that end. The handling and steering, like that of any other Harley, is extremely stable and smooth, as one would expect by virtue of such sizable tyres (17 inch) and twin counter-balancers.

Design and quality

This Fat Boy looks highly compelling. The design is an impeccable blend of power and beauty accomplished through fine detailing and the tradition of sticking to the classic look. It has got a horseshoe fuel tank like that of a “restored dresser from the ‘50s”. The chassis features chrome twin exhausts on the right side and a beefy fork.


This bike leaves a genuine impression – very powerful and shaped with class. Of course all this muscle-power comes with a rather hefty starting price tag of Rs.15.5 lacs which may not be perceived as entirely reasonable. The handlebars cannot be adjusted, implying this machined may not be too comfortable for everyone. It really is one of a kind though.

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