22 Jun 15

5 Things you can do to improve the value of your bike before you sell it

You’ve made the decision to sell your bike, now what? Before you sell, you may want to invest in some time to get it ready for sale. The condition of the bike, maintenance records, and accessories can all impact its value. With a little preparation and elbow grease, your bike can be worth more money. Here are 5 easy ways you can improve the value of your bike before you sell it:

Service History

Before you sell your bike, prepare a binder of maintenance records to present to the buyer. If you brought your bike to a shop, you can use the work orders. If you did the work yourself, you can use the supplies/parts receipts as well as a detailed log of the work you performed on the bike. Detailed maintenance records will indicate to the buyer that you’ve taken care of your bike. If you’ve properly maintained your bike, it will bring more value than a similar bike with a  spotty maintenance record.

Clean your Bike

While the patina on your bike was hard earned from miles on the road, you’ll want to clean your bike before you sell. Clean and polish every inch of your bike to make it look as nice as possible. Believe it or not, a clean bike will look newer and add value. If you don’t have time or the ability to clean and polish your bike, it’s worth taking it to a professional to have it valeted for a small fee.

Repair/Replace Parts

As you clean your bike, look for parts that are worn, scratched, or dented. You may want to consider getting these parts repaired or replaced with factory parts if they are affordable. For example, buffing out a scratch on the tank cover can make a real difference in the appearance and value of your bike and will cost only a nominal fee at a workshop. Seats and grips can be affordably replaced if they’re worn and scratched parts can be refinished.

Remove Aftermarket Accessories

Many bike owners make the mistake of thinking that aftermarket accessories will add value to their bike. While they might appeal to some buyers, most people are looking for a factory bike. This is especially true for collectors and purists. You should remove any aftermarket accessories from your bike and return your bike to factory original. If you want, you can sell the aftermarket accessories separately or offer them as extras along with your bike.

Give Your Bike a Tune-up

Before you sell your bike, give it a proper tune-up. Make sure your bike starts easily and runs perfectly. Inspect all of the working parts of your bike and make sure they’re in good condition. A small investment in maintenance and parts will add considerable value to your bike when it comes time to present it to your buyer. For example, a blown light is not a big deal, but it is cheap and easy to replace before you sell. Your bike should be ready for the open road before you sell it.

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