Archives: May 2016

13 May 16

Indian Scout Sixty – A Review

For a while, motorcycle fans around the world thought that the Indian brand of bikes had gone underground. In what appears to be the American motorcycle manufacturing brand’s resurrection, Indian has released a brand new Scout. History Indian has been a popular bike maker in the United States since 1901. It released several iconic motorcycles … Continue reading Indian Scout Sixty – A Review

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3 May 16

Suzuki GSX – R750 Review

Japanese automobile company Suzuki Motor Corporation has a long history of making fast and desirable motorbikes. The GSX- R750 is one of the most recognizable motorcycles and has a heritage that began in the 1980s. It was one of the first road legal bikes that drew from racing elements to provide people an exhilarating experience. … Continue reading Suzuki GSX – R750 Review

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