Archives: March 2016

30 Mar 16

Review of Suzuki SV650

The Suzuki SV650 is the latest offering from Suzuki. Though not exactly a super bike, the Suzuki SV650 comes real close. The fuel injected, 645 cc, liquid cooled engine gives it the necessary credibility. Because it is neither here nor there, you can say the bike is suitable for both experienced bikers and fresh grunts. … Continue reading Review of Suzuki SV650

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14 Mar 16

London Motorcycle Show: Every Motorcyclist’s Dream

The curtains are down on the London Motorcycle Show 2015 and what a show it was! The event, spread over three days (12th to 14th February) witnessed thousands of motorcyclists and celebrities throng the Excel Center in the Docklands. Tickets were priced at £17 for adults, £15 for children and seniors. One child per adult … Continue reading London Motorcycle Show: Every Motorcyclist’s Dream

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